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Release options:


Be a part of the CIA Compilations. Send 1 or 2 Songs (wav or mp3 320 kb/s), a picture, project description and web links. If we like the Sound – you are on board. And you will be linked as artist for lifetime (of this website). All releases are under creative commons license and as “Name your price” downloads.

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Album / EP

It`s possible to release your Album or EP. You will earn no money with the release, but you get a release and promotion from us.

If we earn money with the releases we use it to reduce our cost and for buying more free downloads if we need.

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Radio options:


Send us your music (+description) and get introduced in the Newcomershow. All songs in the Newcomershow are in the Newcomercharts too.

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Autodj + Live shows

All songs from the Compilations, Releases and Newcomershows will be uploaded on our AutoDJ and played in our Live shows. It`s possible to send us music only for AutoDJ and Live shows (No Newcomershow, No Newcomercharts).

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Remix options:

Alltime Remixes

We have remixkits for you anytime.

You can remix it and if you want remixes of your music you can send your remixkits. All good remixes will released.

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We need a filled out email form from all artists to release their songs (if you signed by a label we need the filled out form from your label)!

And we need a filled out email form of all unreleased Songs for radio playing! your social media marketing partner

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