The AkA project was incepted in 1993 by Henri Sizaret. With one mission : to
make hear the unheard. Initially born as ElectroCute, the project matured into
AkA in 2000 with more than 200 tracks which blend in lush waves with glitch
sparks, carefully bit crushed and Eq’ed. In AkA everything is tightly driven by
metronomic rhythms where quantisation is king. AkA draws its inspiration from
early electro funk and everyday oddities, but always with a severe dose of
artificiality with no space for classic sounds. AkA music can be light, with
enough food for thoughts for the sarcastic and patient observers who like
to question the world we live in. AkA fans describe his music has “punchy & stark”,
“not sure what it was but we loved it” or even “moved to tears”.

AkA says “keep your ears clean everyday”


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