Atomic Neon

..You wonder who we are? What..s the meaning of our name?! It..s a long story, you might hardly believe it, but it..s true!

We come from another galaxy, we came here after our most important element was stolen and probably hidden here on earth, the atomicseriliatal neonoximentaldihydrat, short atomic neon. The thieves were enemies of the government, rebells who fought for a better world, but this theft was the beginning of the end for us all.

It surely wasn..t their intention, but before they could tell where the atomic neon is hidden they died in a fight with a governmental glider. So we were sent out to save our world. Our order was finding the element before our world goes down because the atomic neon was the foundation and the guarantor for life on our whole planet.

Without it the planet would melt from the inside and everything would be deleted. We had complications landing on earth and we had a crash landing. Our survival tanks saved our lives but our ship was totally destroyed. We got stranded.

Our world was lost and we are the last survivors. Or did anybody else save themselves?

After a couple of years we have decided to form this band and make the kind of music people used to listen to back home when we left. Our mourning and the parallels between our worlds are enormous and all that flows into our music...............



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