Dark Side Eons

Dark Side Eons is an Electro-Industrial band formed by Morph in 2012 in Poland with EBM, Dark Wave and Industrial Metal influences. Morph was a bassist and vocalist in many metal projects for 16 years and DSE was his solo project where he tried to put all his ideas and inspirations together.

In 2014 Morph gains new member (Moonskin) and started to play live shows with Dark Side Eons as a duo. Our music will take you on a journey through the infinite universe, through the dark aeons of time and our darkest thoughts. On your trip you'll be guided by rare in this musical genre vocals, you'll experience something new, both powerful and emotional. DSE are: Morph (vocals, music, lyrics, production) and Moonskin (synthesizer, sound operator).

Right now we prepere new material (11 new songs coming soon).