LOKO5T4R is the product of Aemilious and the embodiment of two former musical projects, one being Killick Ensign which took on a more darker EBM/Industrial sound, and Lesbionic which veered more onto the electronica genre, LOKO5T4R at the time was merely an idea locked away waiting to be unleashed. It was about mid year 2012 when the firsts sounds of LOKO5T4R began to emerge, with much doubt about whether new musical arrangements should either go to any of the now former projects, and with moving around the U.S. between 2012 to present time 2015 the recording process slowed down a lot. Over the past few years with all the moving around Aemilious Rival spent some time here and there recording bits and pieces leading up to the making of a long awaited album which came in the form of a mini album or EP titled 'Agresión' translated to English as Aggression, due to be released October 31st 2015 on Halloween night. The album's lyrics are rather dark, combining life struggles and releasing inner demons to fighting the struggle to survive in a world shrouded in darkness accompanied by Dark Electro-Industrial beats that would slay any dancefloor and leave everybody wanting more. Currently situated in Texas, Aemilious prepares for future lives shows, a new follow up album and remix album is said to be released between December and January, there's definitely something to look forward to, stay tuned for more news on more releases and live events near you. #StayLoko #LOKO5T4R




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