The band is initially formed in 2004 under very random circumstances. The first formation numbered 6 members. The band was involved in competitive gigs from 2004 to 2006 that represented school activities on fairs and rendezvous models. After 2007 (in early 2008) the band changes formation. Synth player leaves the band, the singer leaves as well. That action provokes the band to remain in frozen state until 2009. Bruno Dzogovic decides to revive the band by himself, initiating the drummer Omer Idrizi to form self-standing production ground and realize ideas into material. The both work intensively and until 2011 whole album is formed and ready for recording, with totally different genre and atmosphere than previously (the former songs that the band had are now totally ejected from the collection). The recording took place from 2011 to 2015 because of financial and technical difficulties. The band stands on firm ground from 2014 and hires Milan Dejanovik as a bass player, deciding to sample the electronic parts and to ease the formation functioning with only 3 members forth.




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