Stijn S. music's past started infact in 1995 as bass-player in the hardcore-punkgroup 'Discordant' also with his brother.They did circa.15 concerts.After this period he started his own project 'Defy',this was more pure anarcho-punk wich were infact his early tastes. Joost Van Kerckhoven did the drums in 'Defy' who is now drummer in punkband 'Funerall Dress'.Dirk and Lesly Philippot were the other membres. 'Defy' did 1 concert after this they stopped. In early 2000 he was also dj-ing together with Wannes Dierckx and doing parties,named 'Moving Shadows' in Mechelen. Because he was allready going out in the Electro-gothic scene he started to experiment with synthesisers with Posse. After six electro-projects with different people,he realised that his workingprocess with Posse was the most affective. And so MIREXXX was founded in 2005,in Mechelen.

Posse's early tastes were new-wave/punk. After this he went more into electro-gothic. He did in his past a lot of P.A.-work for concerts.


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