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CIA - Creative & Individual Arts (hereinafter referred to as CIA) provides on-line storage space to exchange promotional material between artists / labels and DJs / radio demo-derders. The respective uploaders themselves are responsible for the content of the material, and the respective downloaders are responsible for dealing with the downloaded material. CIA will take care of the operation of the service but can not guarantee a continuous smooth operation for technical reasons and assumes no liability for failures. CIA assumes no liability for uploaded material and can not be legally prosecuted. This service is provided free of charge and as support and simplification of sampling. It is in the interest of all participating parties to ensure compliance with the rules, to report violations and not to hinder proper operation. All subscribers are registered with a newsletter system, which is used to send important messages to all (eg change of rules). Label and artist: Promotion material may be made available to an unlimited extent, CIA reserves the right to remove old or particularly large entries if the storage space becomes scarce. By uploading the files, the Uploader releases the files for use as promotional material and allows DJs and Radiomoderders to use. The Uploader undertakes to upload only material whose rights it owns, which does not violate the rights of third parties or applicable laws. In any case, prohibition is: human rights, racist, discriminatory, pornographic, child pornography, terrorist material violations of this agreement can be legally prosecuted and lead to exclusion. DJs and radio Moderators: Promotion material may be downloaded to an unlimited extent. The rights of the material lie with the Uploader. The material may only be used as a promotion for events, DJ sets or radio broadcasts and for private purposes. It is not allowed to pass on the material to family members, friends, acquaintances or other DJs or radio presenters. (Except the whole radio is registered, the radio operator is responsible for the material use of the material by all presenters ). In the event of any breach of this Agreement, the personal data of the culpable Downloader may be passed on to the suffering party for prosecution purposes. CIA reserves the right to change individual rules at any time. If a rule is changed, the other regulations are not affected and remain effective. *